Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula

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Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
Skin Scraping & Scrubbing Spatula
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    • Electronic facial machine for clean and fairer skin.
    • The device works as an acne and pimple spots remover.
    • It is an all in one skin exfoliator that battles with all the skin problems giving you a healthy and glowing skin.
    • Scrapes off the dead skin layered on to your growing skin cells.

    • This dead skin removal machine comes with a reusable battery.
    • It is an ultrasonic skin scrubber device.
    • The spatula of the face scrub machine is designed to remove all the dead skin and blackheads.
    • All in one facial device that exfoliates dead skin, rejuvenates new skin and brings back the hidden beauty to the skin.
    Ultrasonic skin scraping spatula is an exfoliator device that removes dirt and oil from the skin leaving it clean and smooth. It promotes fairer skin and better complexion. It has a level shape and should be utilized on wet skin. It works by being initiated by ultrasonic soundwaves (28,000 vibrations for each second), to relax up dead skin cell development and dirt.

    Using eDiva’s Ultrasonic Skin Scrapping Spatula with very light pressure applied on your skin, it inputs effective vibrations to constrain clogged oil and dirt out of the pores clearing out the blackheads from the surface and leaving you with a clean and fairer skin.

    Being a must-have item for those who love getting a facial treatment regularly, eDiva’s ultrasonic skin scraping spatula is used as a skincare tool that not only treats blackheads and acne, cleanses your skin but also works wonderfully on treating acne scars. The spatula of this device works as a scrubber that exfoliates dirt and oil from the skin thus preventing the acne scar from getting contaminated. It’s gentle on sensitive skin so it’s safe for acne-prone skin.