High Frequency Beauty Machine

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High frequency beauty machine
High frequency beauty machine
High frequency beauty machine
High frequency beauty machine
High frequency beauty machine
High frequency beauty machine
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    • Triggers blood circulation and activates lymphatic drainage.
    • It is a skin recovery machine that hydrates the skin.
    • Skin tightening beauty therapy could be done at home with this device.
    • It can be used over the scalp as a scalp treatment machine to reduce dandruff and hair loss.

    • It is a chemical-free 100% natural massage tool.
    • It has four different tubes - comb tube for hair care, mushroom tube for face care, tongue tube for acne treatment and point tube for nasal fossa care.
    • This anti-wrinkle skin care machine is easy to use and easy to cleanse body.
    • It is a chemical-free beauty product.
    eDiva’s High-Frequency Beauty Machine helps balance your skin’s hydration, improves lymphatic drainage, treats acne and minimizes wrinkles. This skincare tool is used by beauty salons because this is one of the best tools that help get rid of wrinkles and saggy skin.

    eDiva’s High-Frequency Beauty Machine offers multiple benefits to your skin. It can be used for disinfection, Promote Skin Recovery, reduces wrinkles and promote metabolism and blood circulation for your skin and your head. This device is also very helpful in treating stubborn acne and aging skin.

    This skincare tool generates a high-frequency current and passes it to its glass electrode. When the electrode is in contact with the skin, a safe current permeates the skin and causes an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal. As this product comes with four electrons with different shapes, the comb-like electrode is used for hair and scalp treatment to help your hair regrow and promote healthier hair growth.


Ask a Question
  • Is high frequency facial treatment safe?

    Yes, all our skin care devices, including the High Frequency Facial Machine are put through strict medical testing to ensure they meet all safety standards. The device does not have negative long-term effects and does not cause pain as long as you use it correctly, follow the instructions in the manual and stay aware and careful while using it. Do not use it more than necessary, do not use it too often and do not use it on the wrong body parts.

  • How do you use a high frequency wand at home?

    Using a High Frequency Skin Tightening Machine at home is easy but takes some practice. Always remember to remove all jewelry and metallic item such as piercings before use. During early stages, use a gauze layer on your face and avoid using directly on skin until you are familiar with the sensation. Always follow the instructions in the attached manual. If you are not confident or unfamiliar, ask a family member to help you for the first couple of times.

  • Does high frequency tighten skin?

    Yes, the primary benefit of a High Frequency Facial Machine is skin tightening. It packs the skin together, giving you firm structure and smooth skin that does not degrade or become saggy.

  • How often can you use a high frequency machine on your face?

    A High Frenquency Machine should not be used more than once a day. Do not use the skin tightening device for more than 5-10 minutes per day and avoid focusing it on one spot for too long. During winter months and in case of cold temperature and dry skin, limit usage to once every 4-5 days.