Chi Rose Quartz Roller

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Quartz face roller
Quartz face roller
Quartz face roller
Quartz face roller
Quartz face roller
Quartz face roller
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    • eDiva’s skincare tool is made up of 100% natural rose quartz stone.
    • It is a non-toxic facial roller that helps you get rid of wrinkles and gives you a fair skin tone.
    • Using a rose quartz roller is as good as your visit to a skincare spa.
    • Using this face roller is a natural treatment for a skin that is healthy and beautiful. 

    • Skin Hydration - The 100% natural rose quartz stone used here is known to cool down the skin and hydrate it. 
    • Wrinkle-remover - The roe quartz roller is a natural treatment for skin wrinkles and fine lines. 
    • Quartz-effect - A rose quartz roller is a skincare tool used by the ancient Chinese.
    • Skin-whitener - The rose quartz face roller is a natural skin blemish removal tool and brings out the hidden glow on your skin.  
  • Brightens Skin Tone
    The real natural rose quartz roller is an essential natural treatment for skin that one needs to try. It activates the lymphatic drainage which is present on over the ear lock areas. All the toxins get away from the face, leaving behind cells rich in oxygenated blood. This adds on to making your skin look beautiful from the inside.

    Cleans Away Wrinkles
    Rose Quartz Roller has one of the best skincare stone. The stone has its other name as an anti-aging rolling stone. When you use the stone roller over your face, it stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin fibers - the ones that tighten the skin and improve elasticity. With this, you can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines right from day one.

    Hydrates Skin
    The Rose Quartz Roller is a go-to tool for the ones who have dry skin. Rose quartz is a cooling stone and when it is rolled over moisturized skin, it traps moisture in the skin pores and closes it giving you hydrated skin all day long.


Ask a Question
  • Are Quartz rollers good for wrinkles?

    Yes, reducing and preventing wrinkles is one of the many benefits offered by a face roller. The skin massagers smoothens the surface and improves blood circulation, giving you healthy, glowing skin.

  • Can you use Quartz roller without oil?

    Yes, a skin roller can be used without oil. Fore best results, we recommend that you wash and moisturize your face with a cream or lotion before using the facial massager.

  • What should you use with a Quartz roller?

    A Rose Quartz Roller has many benefits! Wash and moisturize your face and gently roll it over your eyes, cheeks, forehead, temples and jaw for 5-10 minutes. It is especially useful for removing wrinkles, promoting blood circulation, improving skin tone and smoothening skin