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Myths And Facts About Saggy Skin

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The world today functions on myths rather than facts. Some blindfold their mind and believe in the myth until it becomes too late to find the truth behind it. The same happens when we come across skincare. A lot of them stick to the myths that they overhear and do no research to find out if it is true. Here are some myths about having saggy skin. Here are some myths and facts that you need to know.

Myth - Saggy skin is a result of too many facials and too much skin exfoliation treatments. 

Fact - This is an illusion that may have in their mind. Facials done in homes or the spas work great in tightening the skin. As the high-frequency skincare machine  or any other skincare machine moves over the facial skin, it triggers the production of collagen and elastin. Both of these are skin tightening fibers, tighten the skin, and fade all the fine lines and wrinkles away. Saggy skin goes away when one gets a facial or facial massage treatment


Myth - Acne and pimples are the reason for skin to sag.

Fact - One must know that acne issues and pimples occur on the skin that has too much sebum secretion, and that makes the skin very oily. Such skin can create an excellent habitat for the bacteria to thrive on, and this causes wrinkles. Most of the lines and saggy skin issues occur for the ones having dry skin. Since the collagen and elastin fibers that tighten skin needs water and moisture, surface devoid of this would make lines and wrinkles visible. The lack of water in the collagen and elastin is the actual reason for the skin to get wrinkles

     Acne and pimples

Myth - Sun's rays are an excellent treatment to reduce saggy skin.  

Fact - UV rays of the sun are always harmful to the skin. The sun rays touch our skin and destroy the superficial cells and also the cells beneath. The tan on the skin surface because of sun rays takes over eight weeks to go. All this while, your skin will be restricted to function well, and the skin-tightening fibers would lose out water and moisture too. Hence, the rays of the sun make way for fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin, and this makes your skin saggy. 

Myth - Losing weight will make the skin sag. 

Fact - Well, this depends on the mode of weight loss that you follow. If you sit to lose your weight only by staunch fasting, it will make you burn all the fat cells and thus make the skin saggy. But if you choose to lose weight by exercising and practicing yoga, the body loses its fat cells and also gets toned and gets perfectly into shape. Losing weight in the right way makes the skin more tight, toned, and makes it glow with a touch of youth too.

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Myth - Saggy skin cannot be made tight. Hence one cannot get rid of wrinkles.

Fact - Skin tightening, which was not well-known to many, is now made known to all. From the ancient days, the Egyptians and the Chinese of those times had youthful skin because they used the natural stones to tighten up the skin. Today, technology makes way for better and quicker skin tightening where the skin gets tight quickly and easily. One such machine is a high-frequency facial machine that makes the skin tight and ageless.

These are a few myths of saggy skin that need to be busted, and here are the things that you need to do or avoid to have youthful skin instead of a saggy one.

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