Thanksgiving Hacks for Beautiful and Radiant Skin

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Preparing for Thanksgiving? Buy Natural Jade Roller for Face and Your Turkey in Advance 

Thanksgiving may be a time of giving thanks for the year’s bounty but all that mad rush to whip up a feast, while scouring for the best deals (like where to buy natural jade roller for face) online and offline can take a toll on our skin. Add to that overindulging in meat, sweets and alcohol nicely brings together a sure-fire recipe for skin disaster. How can we complete all the items in our to-do list and still be selfie worthy? Is it enough to buy natural jade roller for face and call it a day? 

Drink water 

Save the sodas and alcohol for the feast. Keep yourself properly hydrated with water as you scurry from the supermarket to your kitchen, including all those other trips in between, and slave over the hot stove.   

 Skip makeup 

Cooking for the next 4-8 hours? Skip putting on makeup. You’ll be sweating, exposed to food vapors and heat from your cooking hardware. If you wear makeup, specially anything with silicones, you’re inviting clogged pores and an inflamed skin 

Be two steps ahead 

Stress brings out the worst in us, including the worst state our skin can be in. To minimize stress, plan. Buy ingredients you need but can store in the freezer a week in advance. Leave those that you need fresh for the day-before trip to the store and avoid running errands during Thanksgiving morning. Your day should begin with cooking, not shopping.  

If you have anything on the menu that can be cooked in advanced or prepared in advance, and just pop in the oven on Thanksgiving Day – do it. Making your famous chocolate chip cookie? Make the dough as early as 2-3 weeks in advance and store in the freezer. You can bake them the day before and voila, 1 item down and 1 stressor averted. 

Buy natural jade roller for face, shower and roll after cooking 

It pays to plan because you can squeeze in some me time in the most unexpected ways. An hour before dinner, and while waiting for the turkey to finish roasting, do a final check to make sure everything else is ready. Then take a shower to wash off all the smells you accumulated during the day while preparing. Don’t forget to use your eDiva jade roller for a few minutes after your skincare. This will depuff, refresh and relax you. If you don’t have one, buy natural jade roller for face from eDiva’s Amazon store. 


You’re not celebrating alone right? Put that manpower to good use and delegate. Make sure everyone in the house has an assigned chore. This way, you’re not as stressed. They’ll be thankful too because, unlike last year, you didn’t transform to a fire breathing dragon this year. 

Thanksgiving Day preparations and festivities can do a number on our skin, and if we’re not careful, this becomes a vicious cycle. But with a few tweaks on our tried and tested processesa smart purchase like when we buy natural jade roller for face, we can save our skin, our sanity, and ultimately our Thanksgiving. 

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