Gua Sha Is the Chinese Facial Practice That Will Clear Your Skin

Clear skin naturally

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese method of promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by scraping the skin. Practitioners apply the appropriate pressure using a smooth flat tool on oiled skin.  

There are two kinds of gua sha: the body gua sha and the facial gua sha. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of pressure used. In body gua sha, the pressure applied is strong enough to break the capillaries and cause visible bruising. Another difference is the material of the tool. In body gua sha, practitioners use a tool made of either animal bone or crystal. In facial gua sha, the favored material for the face massage tool is jade. 

Images of deep, scarlet welts and bruises send chills to many and may not be a desired outcome from a wellness treatment. But facial gua sha is far gentler than its body counterpart. Currently taking social media and the internet by storm, how does a simple massage on the face become the biggest trend in skincare today? 

The answer is more practical than magical - it works and it’s attainable for most. All you need is the tool, your favorite skin care product and about ten minutes to spare.  


How to properly use the gua sha face massage tool 

First, you need to invest in an authentic jade gua sha scraper. Many sellers pass off plastic or acrylic made scrapers as jade. These are made of chemicals and colored with dyes, which can potentially be a source of irritation or allergic reaction. So make sure your scraper is made of genuine jade. 

Apply your favorite serum, face oil or moisturizer on clean skin. Take the jade scraper and start on your jawline. You can start from the chin, going left or right. Or you can go from one end of your jawline to the other. Remember to use gentle pressure and only run the tool in sideward or upward motions. Flip the tool as necessary to use the most appropriate curve for the contours of your face. 

As you run the tool on your face, you immediately feel relaxed. Your cheeks slowly become flushed with health and any puffiness subsides. 

Take your time and allot at least ten minutes for this treatment. Don’t forget to include your neck and décolletage. 


How it clears the skin 

The simple massage works wonders for boosting your skin’s circulation. Increased circulation means your skin is properly hydrated, strengthened and can purge itself of toxins more efficiently.  

Another positive effect of the treatment is it relaxes and de-stresses you. Stress is a major contributor of skin problems, wreaking havoc on our hormones and ultimately our skin. 

Finally, the tool enables our skin to absorb more of our favorite products so they can do more to help hydrate, plump and keep our skin clear. 

Facial gua sha and its face massage tool is a simple, non-invasive and effective natural way to revitalize our skin. We feel its positive effects immediately. More importantly, with regular practice, we see visible and permanent improvements to our skin.

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