5 Winter Care Tips That Your Skin Needs

Winter Skincare

Winter brings you Christmas, cold shivers and a whole lot of skin problems that would make you look dull in spite of having all the celebration vibes around you. With the onset of winter, the tiring and hot days finally bid you bye and the mountains would once again get capped with snow. Cold weather is what some crave for but its adverse effects on your skin would leave you unhappy. Here are some essential tips and hacks that make you glow and have clean and fairer skin in spite of the winter odds.

Tips TO A Great Skin In Winter:

Scrub Regularly - We often seem to be having chapped lips and dry skin all through winter. It becomes a necessity for us to get rid of them as this curbs down the functioning of the skin and makes way to a whole lot of skin problems. Scrubbing at least once a week by using a dead skin scraping machine makes you get rid of all the dead skin and dirt which is settled over your skin, blocking all your skin pores. Get home a skin exfoliator device that removes all the settlements on your face to give you clean and fairer skin.
Removing dead skin cells
Keep Skin Hydrated - As the cold weather makes your skin dry, you will have to moisturize your skin at all times. Get yourself some thick cold creams and also drink plenty of water even if your mouth does not dry up too often. Taking steam from a facial steamer machine restores moisture and makes the skin hydrated. You could have a steam session for 20 minutes once or twice a week.
Keep Skin Hydrated

No-No To Hot Showers - The cold weather would tempt you to stay back in your bathtub filled with steaming water for the whole day. The hot water would have a negative impact on your skin and would destroy the new cells too. Taking bath with warm or lukewarm water is recommended by the skin experts who also suggest you on getting out for your bathroom as quickly as possible.

Switch From Bars To Liquid Soaps - The soap bars that you’ve been using are great only for summers. Your skin in the winter season needs all the pampering and care. It also needs a chemical-free liquid face wash which is mild and hydrating. The bar soaps remove the moisture from your skin making it dry and chapped.

Go Out With Sunscreen On - Cold creams are good for winter, but if you are among them who spend quality time outside the home, make sure you have put on a good SPF sunscreen. The snow on the mountains reflects all the sun rays at a great wavelength. The sun’s rays can permeate into all the mist and thick clouds and can still cause damage to your skin. This effects your skin, dries and also may tan it too. Plan your days and protect yourself from the sun too.
Use SPF sunscreen

Let the cold weather not stop you. Plan your winter days beforehand and make way for glowing and bright skin.

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